A brief outline of how the notification system works for those interested

I have created a custom PHP script which analyses the HUKD page page. If the script finds any posts with a temperature of over 500 degrees (currently it's 500, this may change depending on the volume of notifications generated) it then will send out push notifications using the Boxcar service to everyone who is subscribed to the system.
If a push notification is triggered then the title of the post (with temperature over 500) is stored in a database. This stops multiple notifications being sent for the same post each time the PHP script is called (if temperature is still over 500).

The script is run every 15mins - therefore - it is important to note that it may not an instant notification as soon as a post's temperature is over 500; instead, it may be up to 15mins before you get notified. This is to reduce server load.

Important Note: When you initially subscribe to the system, it is likely that you will not receive a notification about a current post whose temp is over 500 (or a post who's temp in the past has been above 500 and is currently under 500 and may rise above 500 in the future - sorry, that was awfully written!). This is because the first time a notification (for anyone) triggered, the title of the post was stored in the database to prevent any repeat notification (to all subscribers).

I hope that helps briefly explain the system.

I have not contacted anyone at HUKD.com to check whether this is ok to run. If it isn't please contact me A.S.A.P via [email protected] and I'll remove the system as soon as I can. My intention when creating this system was to help people out - just like the forum - so I hope you can understand this!

© 2011 Adam Cudworth