How to subscribe to the HUKD notification system

STEP 1: Install the app "Boxcar" on your smartphone (it's free!) - found on the Apple Appstore. This app has to be downloaded as push notifications are received via Boxcar. Side note: Boxcar is an awesome app, take a look on their website as there may be other services that you would like to subscribe to - most for free!

STEP 2: Set up a Boxcar account. This can be either done via the app you downloaded or via their website here.

STEP 3: Make a note of your Boxcar email address and head on over to my page here where you can subscribe to the HUKD notifier. Please enter your Boxcar email in the box and click "submit".

STEP 4: You have now been added to my push notification list - think of it like a mailing list, but for push notifications! However, one final step is needed: please double check within the Boxcar app that you have been subscribed.

Congratulations you are now all set up to receive push notifications when a new HUKD deal arises!

Change the minimum temperature that triggers a notification

The default minimum temperature that triggers a push notification to be sent is 500, that means, if there is a post on HUKD with a temperature of over 500 then you will be sent a push notification!
I wanted to set up a premium feature to thank those who have donated to keep the notification system going. As a result this feature is only accessible if you have donated (any amount). Instructions detailing how to change your minimum value are below:

STEP 1: Donate (if you haven't already) any amount using the donate button here. IMPORTANT: Please make sure you enter your boxcar email correctly in the box next to the donate button.

STEP 2: You will have received a push notification containing your 4 digit unique code. This code is unique and has been set up to ensure unwanted tinkering with your temperature doesn't occur! Head on over to this page to change your temperature value.

STEP 3: Enter your boxcar email, unique code (sent to you via push notification) and desired minimum temperature - then click submit. If you receive a success message, the value has been changed. If there are any error messages, please take the directed action.
Note: If you have forgotten your unique code you can request a reminder at the bottom of this page. You will be notified of your unique code via a push notification.

Click here to read about how the system works.